Wills, Trusts, & Probate

Wills, Trusts, & Probate

Sad but true, most of us put more thought into planning a weekend getaway than we put into planning for our family's well-being after our deaths. Estate planning is less about the "estate" and more about simply having a plan in place to avoid adding stress on your family at an already difficult time. Even if you have few assets, certain estate planning documents can reduce cost and stress on your family, for example:

  • Who will care for your minor children upon you or your spouse's death or prolonged incapacity?
  • Will you be able to get private health care information or academic information for your young adult child attending college away from home? How will you gain access to his or her accounts, or social media?
  • If you are brought to a hospital and you are unable to speak, does your health care provider know to contact your spouse or other health care agent? Have you chosen a guardian if you become incapacitated or would you prefer the court appoint one for you?

We offer four basic estate planning packages --the Starter Package, the Will Package, the Revocable Trust Package, and the Complex Trust Package. The Starter Package actually does not include a will or trust, but provides answers to all of the questions above. It is suited for young adults, newlyweds, and others whose total assets are less than $125,000, own no real estate, and have no minor children. As your assets and family grow, so does your estate plan. Estate planning then allows you to plan:

  • Who will receive your assets after your death, and when?
  • How to potentially reduce the impact of estate and gift taxes.
  • Who will care for your special needs child(ren)?
  • How to ensure pets will continue to be cared for.
  • How to properly distribute any firearms.
  • How to keep your legacy gifts private instead of going through the public probate process.

We would love to work with you on your estate plan. Check our prices and contact us today!